published writings and illustrations
2008 "Mario's Furniture", with Hillary Mushkin, Leonardo, MIT press Vol 41, No. 3, June 2008


“Sites for Flood and Drought,” part of “Moisture”
, Leonardo, MIT press Vol 37 No. 5 2004 pg.368 color plate 383


“Twisted”, short story contribution to Twister, by Susan Silton, Fiegen Projects, NY


“S.E. Barnet” ART Forum, Contemporary Issues in Art and Architecture, Santa Ana College  Sept/Oct


Accompanying Illustrations for The Last Rock Star Book or, Liz Phair: A Rant, a novel by Camden Joy, Verse Chorus Press, Portland, OR


“Souled American” contributed to 50 Posters About Souled American, New York, NY; Camden Joy, ed.


“Protest Poster”, contributed to Dear CMJ, ... Posters of Protest from the CMJoy Gang; Open Letters Hung in Lower Manhattan, September 4 -7,1996,  New York, NY; Camden Joy, ed.