collaboration with Kahty Chenoweth, 2003 – 2008,

These images are from an experimental research project undertaken with Los Angeles-based artist collective, MOISTURE, around the design and construction of functional sculptural objects, installed in relation to the ground, and the hydrologic matrix of the region. Using radio frequency transmitters, the project was monitored for 3 years. Mapping and monitoring this site over time presented an opportunity for a detailed engagement with a particular place. Though often subtle, change continually occurred, measurable by the shifting placement of the sculptures and the alteration of the landscape. The first image portrays one of three sites set up 1 kilometre apart each. The next shows the second site of the project. The pole is used as a marker to find the balls as they continue to submerge through periodic flooding. The map represents the three separate sites. The last image shows a partially buried, powder coated blue steel ball, with its radio antenna to allow for tracking.

This work was included in Leonardo, MIT press Vol 37 No. 5 (August 2004).